Tailors? Do we have them in Reno?

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Tailors? Do we have them in Reno?

Postby Vaalin » Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:17 pm

And I mean real tailors, not the all I do is alterations or hems or have no idea what a costume is.

I am and have been looking for some time now and have been asking all my old contacts to no avail for any assistance in getting some stuff done for costumes, I have no patience for fabric weaving, I pound metal, it helps after trying to thread a needle...

I know these boards are sparse but I also know it doesn't hurt to try. Anyone know anyone or available themselves it would be much appreciated, my best lead so far is about an hour from town and is 50 dollars an hour for labor which is somewhat reasonable but not at the same time.

Oh ya, 1 post, new user but old member of the SNAFU cons, been with you all since 2010, might remember me, was gold mandalorian first year and black and silver since, also cohosted a panel at wizard world here last year.
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