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Although most of the posts are useless, they tend to be fun and it usually makes the poster feel better. Expect bad grammar/punctuation (or complete lack of punctuation) as these posts are often written fast and angry!

Otaku Atheist & Everybody Facebook Page

Postby legionangel04 » Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:17 pm

I welcome you to The Atheist Community of Otaku. Join your fellow con-goers on a Facebook page where you can talk about absolutely anything, ask questions you haven't found the answers to, find support from like-minded people, and share your own stories.

I will try and keep weekly updates on videos from The Atheist Experience and pod casts from The Thinking Atheist. If you know of any other broadcast of on any theist/atheist topic that you would like to share please let me know.

Everybody is welcome to add anything to the page. This is not designed to insult anybody or anything in any sort of way. I made this page to show those who think they are alone that they aren’t. One of my main focuses is to just keep it civil. A great example is that currently the main picture is a joke about debating creationism. If somebody decides to share a picture joking about atheism, agnostics, and/or anything else I wont care. I’ll even laugh at it as well. There will be no bias towards any questions, opinions, interests, or belief system.

What I mean by "There will be no bias" is with me being the only moderator of this page I wont control anything that somebody decides to say and share. What I will control is when something begins to get out of hand. Example: when people from any and all sides starts to attack other people. If such a situation occurs I will kindly ask them to stop just like a moderator of any forum would do. If they persist they will be removed as they would from any forum. This is also a page where you can just come and talk about anything. And I mean anything as long as its not 18+. This is a peaceful place and I intend to keep it that way.

With information coming from regular people and not apologists/scientists it can be a great place for people from all sides to get information and opinions that they previously couldn’t.

There are a lot of theists, agnostics, and atheists that don’t have a place where they can comfortably talk about certain subjects. That’s what this page is for, adult conversations in a non-violent environment.
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